Buy Turf in Rufford

Buy Turf in RuffordSummer is here and it is time to buy turf in Rufford to either patch your lawn or grow new areas of lawn in your garden. Our premium quality turf is grown on our farm in the famous black soil of the Lancashire coast. We use the perfect mix of grass seed to grow our turf so that you will have a green and luxurious lawn. This high quality grass seed grow grass that is used by professional landscapers as well as sports grounds and golf courses. We take great care to grow environmentally friendly turf and manage the land on a crop rotation basis which is a natural way of providing nutriment to the soil and plants.

Everything in the garden is growing madly and enjoying the warmth and rain. In Rufford, buy turf now and lay it in areas that are not doing well like under trees. There can be competition for nutrition and light under a tree and if you look after the turf and make sure it is fertilised and prune the tree you can have a wonderful grassy patch to sit on under your favourite tree. Our turf is harvested in order so you are always assured of getting fresh turf straight from the farm. Our premium quality topsoil is screened to remove weeds and stones and will provide nutrition for all the plants in the garden.

This is the right time to buy turf in Rufford. Contact Websters Turf today and order your new lawn or a load of topsoil to level out your lawn and provide much needed sustenance for your grass. We have been growing top quality turf for the last 20 years for the domestic and commercial market.  As a family run business with traditional family values, we are considered to be the top turf supplier in our area. We also offer a comprehensive landscaping service that can transform any location. We are associated with a specialised turf laying company who will lay our turf on your property. Change the look of your property this summer with top quality turf.

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