Turf Suppliers in Halsall

Turf Suppliers in HalsallChoosing the best from the turf suppliers in Halsall is the easy part of your job. It’s the work that comes after you need to be satisfied and successful. We’re proud to be the top supplier of the finest turf grown right here in Lancashire. We’ve been growing turf here on our family farm for decades using tried and true methods of seeding, fertilizing and land management that never disappoints. Our special seed blend is ideal for sports fields or your garden. Lush, rich colour with strong roots and weed free. You buy a living thing when you buy from us and it’s ready to thrive on your prepared soil. Why spend money on turf from other sources that is already half dead? Do it and you’ll find out dead plants don’t grow and weak plants don’t thrive. That will be the most expensive turf you ever bought.

When you buy from us you get your money’s worth and the satisfaction of a healthy lawn. That is your reason in Halsall turf suppliers are on your to-do list. We supply professional landscapers and groundskeepers as well as individual do-it-yourselfers. Buy a truck load or one roll; we guarantee the finished job will make you proud. You can’t stop by our farm and pick up a load of ready cut turf. That might seem inconvenient but it’s our policy not to stockpile cut turf. We want to sell it at its peak and if it’s been laying around for two weeks, well that’s not peak anymore. We cut the turf when you order it and we can deliver or you can pick it up. For homeowners within a 25 miles radius of our farm, we can arrange for professional installation of your turf.

Turf supplies in Halsall should include our premium grade topsoil as a welcome for your newly cut turf. A few inches of our topsoil laid first then the fresh cut turf installed on top and conditions are perfect for deep roots to take hold. All you need now is sunshine and rain and you have a lawn that will establish itself well and last as long as you give it the proper care. Contact Websters Turf when you are looking for turf suppliers. Don’t forget to order our topsoil and fertilizer.

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