Websters Turf Ltd: Premier Turf Suppliers in Maghull


As the leading turf supplier in the area, Websters Turf Ltd, based in Halsall, Ormskirk, is now proudly servicing the beautiful locale of Maghull. With a long-standing tradition of producing the highest quality turf, our name is synonymous with quality and reliability.

Our History and Values

Websters Turf Ltd has been growing premium quality turf for over 20 years on the rich black soil of the Lancashire coast. Established in 1996 as a family-run business, we uphold family values and have consistently proven ourselves to be the top turf growers in the area. Our uncompromising commitment to quality and service has made us the preferred choice for both domestic and commercial markets.

Our Product and Service

We use a blend of top-quality grass seed to grow our turf, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. From professional gardens and landscaping projects to sports grounds and golf courses, our turf has demonstrated its versatility and durability.

  • Our turf is grown in an environmentally friendly manner on our ‘crop rotation’ farmland, fertilised regularly and managed throughout the year.
  • We ensure that our turf is freshly harvested and delivered to your door, maintaining the highest quality from our fields to your property.
  • Alongside our turf, we also provide top-quality garden top soil to landscapers and gardeners throughout the area, further enhancing the growth and longevity of your green spaces.

Websters Turf Ltd in Maghull

We are thrilled to extend our services to the Maghull area, providing our top-notch products to both new and existing customers within this region. We are committed to delivering the same high-quality turf and excellent customer service we are known for.

  1. Professional Landscaping and Gardening: Our turf is ideal for professional landscapers and gardeners, providing a lush and durable surface that enhances any project.
  2. Sports Grounds: Our turf is perfect for sports grounds, offering a resilient and attractive surface that can withstand heavy use.
  3. Golf Courses: Our turf is particularly suitable for golf courses, offering a smooth and even surface that promotes optimal golf play.


Websters Turf Ltd, with our commitment to quality and service, is excited to be your trusted turf supplier in Maghull. Whether for professional landscaping, sports grounds or golf courses, our turf offers a superior solution for all your green space needs.

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