Buy Turf in Holmeswood

Buy Turf in HolmeswoodBuy turf in Holmeswood from Websters Turf. We have a proud tradition of providing only the best turf to our customers. By keeping our standards high and only improving the quality of the product we provide, we have managed to make a name for ourselves and become the number one turf supplier in the area. Our turf will have you looking forward to enjoying your new lawns or your next sports event. The turf has been grown specifically with these intents in mind so that our customer base is diverse and no one is left behind. We are deliberate in the process in growing our turf and can easily use it ourselves. That’s why every order comes fresh from our land.

Our experience in this sector has only grown and improved over the years. In Holmeswood, buy turf from a reliable source so that you can achieve your lawn goals, goals that you have probably envisioned for a long time. If you’re looking to spruce up your garden without necessarily growing any new plants, you can use our turf to achieve just that. Sports centres such as stadiums and golf centres can also benefit from our turf. With the healthy look and its green, luscious nature, your sports field will be looking fresh and be suitable for use all-year round, enabling you to organize a friendly match whenever you deem fit. In order to achieve optimum results, we grow our turf using a mixture of high quality grass seeds on our famous black soil of the Lancashire coast.

If you’re looking to buy turf in Holmeswood, contact Websters Turf at your earliest convenience. Since 1996, our family-run business has been supplying turf to customers both in the domestic and commercial sectors. We are passionate about keeping the environment around us safe for future generations. This is why we grow our turf using an environmentally safe method, fertilizing it regularly. In order to make the delivery process easier, we cut up the turf into 16inch x 19inch pieces. This size covers a square metre. It also makes the laying process easier.

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