Buy Turf in Aughton

Buy Turf in AughtonIt’s best to buy turf in Aughton from the specialists. Websters Turf are proud to supply turf grown on the rich and famous, black Lancashire soil to both domestic and commercial clients. We have more than two decades’ experience in providing clients with premium quality turf grown on our own lands, carefully nurtured and harvested just when you need it. We deliver fresh, lush and ready-to-grow turf to your site. Unlike many others in this business, we never stockpile turf that has turned brown and weak after being stored for days inside a stocking shed. We also don’t offer lower grades of turf, neither do we re-brand turf that fails to meet our exacting standards. All our turf is cut into convenient 16×96 inch strips that are easy to roll and convenient to transport without damage or breakage.

First time buyers of turf may find it difficult to spot the difference between good and bad quality turf. In Aughton, buying turf of top quality comes with experience and knowledge. Experts can actually “smell the difference.” Fresh turf has a rich, earthy smell, while poor quality gives out a sour, decayed, mouldy odour. Avoid turf that looks brownish-yellow or dry. You want bright, moist, shiny turf that glows with health and strength. We ensure that you get only the freshest and finest. If the turf is not fresh, you’re never going to get a lush, green expanse of lawn. Price is not always an indicator of quality, so avoid turf that seems to be available at extremely cheap rates.

To buy turf in Aughton is the best solution when you want great results quickly. Lawns grown from seed are no doubt cheaper, but they take longer to grow and there are several risks involved. If you would like to buy good quality turf, contact Websters Turf. Seeding a lawn also means you can’t use the area for at least two to three weeks. However, a turf lawn is ready to use in a couple of days, provided you’ve prepared the soil well.

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