Topsoil in Rufford

Topsoil in RuffordYou know what goes great with our fresh cut turf is our premium topsoil in Rufford. It’s a marriage made in heaven and wherever you put the two together and add sun and rain, the miracle of new growth occurs. We don’t carry sub-standard topsoil or fill. Topsoil is graded and the only grade we carry is premium. It’s what you want for your landscape and gardens. Premium topsoil means it’s free of rocks and weeds or other impurities that interfere with growth. Sift a handful through your fingers and feel how light and easily it separates. Our topsoil is a rich dark shade of brown; almost black. What you can’t see is the magic in the soil. This soil is where all the nutrients stored. These are the nutrients your plantings will need to thrive.

Our topsoil is premium grade and full of nutrients, and is not the same as the topsoil you find bagged in plastic. We’re not saying that in Rufford, topsoil bought from a store in plastic bags is useless. Likely the nutrients are there and it’s free of weed seeds. But why take the chance? We can supply you with quantities to create a golf course or your flower bed. Prepare the area to be planted by clearing away rocks and weeds. Scruff up the hard soil so it will be easier for young roots to penetrate. Then add about 6” of topsoil. Your plantings will have sufficient fresh nutrients to thrive. We deliver to homeowners and landscapers in the quantities needed. You’ll be pleased to find our prices are competitive.

Make your hard work pay off by starting with the best products like our topsoil in Rufford. An inferior product can have you working hard for nothing and paying out money for topsoil that can’t sustain life. That kind of topsoil is fine if you just want to fill a hole but for growing choose our premium topsoil. Our farm has been supplying fresh cut turf and topsoil to the Lancashire area for decades. Contact Websters Turf and tell us about your project. We’ll help you figure the right quantities for the job. If you live within a 25 mile radius of our farm our landscapers can do the job for you.

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