Buy Turf in Newburgh

Buy Turf in NewburghWouldn’t you like to buy turf in Newburgh that was locally grown, so it’s used to the soil and climate? You get much better results when it’s fresh cut locally instead of getting it after it’s been trucked for hundreds of miles and warehoused for a while, then trucked to the retail outlet. The quicker you get those fragile roots into soil the healthier the turf will be when you lay it on your own lawn. Webster’s turf is based in black soil with plump roots. We do not stockpile our turf, and we never sell turf that is not up to standard. Our turf is grown in the rich black Manchester soil and we don’t cut it until you are ready for it.

If you always dreamed of a lawn like a golf course in Newburgh, buy turf from us. Landscapers buy our turf because they want satisfied customers and sports clubs buy it because they want fine playing fields.  We use a high-quality blend of grass seeds to grow our turf and the result is a multipurpose strong and beautiful turf. We have the formula figured out well because we have been growing our turf for 20 years. We’re still family owned and believe in value for money. We are gratified to be considered the leading supplier of turf in our area.

Your home garden will be a delight when you buy turf in Newburgh from us at Websters Turf. With a little weeding and feeding, your garden will stay beautiful but still be sturdy enough to stand up to use. Our quality turf puts down deep roots so your lawn can withstand the elements and even mild droughts. It will withstand a game of neighbourhood soccer. Contact Websters Turf and come out to see our farms. If you need turf installed we are affiliated with a landscaper highly experienced laying our turf. You won’t be disappointed with your garden or our prices when you buy from us.

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