Quality Turf Supplier in Lathom

quality turf supplier in LathomWhat good is a quality turf supplier in Lathom if you don’t take care of the lawn? Have you ever wondered how professional gardeners keep their lawns looking so great the whole year round? Here are some top lawn care tips, straight from the experts.

Even among passionate gardeners, there are those people who hate the chore of mowing, and try to get the job done as quickly as possible. Unfortunately this can lead to the kind of corner-cutting that’ll leave your lawn looking less than its best. In Lathom, a quality turf supplier like Websters Turf will advise you to plan the task properly so that you don’t waste time. A rushed job will lead to uneven shearing, with patches of unclipped grass poking up like whiskers. Having to go back over the area is a sure fire way to get a less-than enthusiastic mower to lose their temper. Tall or wet grass is particularly resistant to quick cutting, so plan your lawn mowing for a day where you are not pressed for time. Take care to cut the collar wide enough to turn the mower without driving into a flower bed.  The collar is the border around the lawn’s perimeter. Trampled flower beds is a high price to pay for a freshly mowed lawn.

A quality turf supplier in Lathom like Websters Turf will supply a quality lawn, but it is up to you to take care of it. When you’re mowing, look ahead, not at the ground directly at the wheels of the mower. This way, you’ll mow straighter, and get a better finish. Remember that grass leans in the direction in which you mow it. Your lawn will grow straighter and healthier if you switching up your pattern from week to week. Whatever you do, don’t cut the grass too short. Many a beginner gardeners has made this mistake, thinking that if they cut their lawn super short this week, they will extend the period between mowing. Unfortunately all this scalping does is expose the root systems and leave ugly brown patches in the lawn. Next minute, you’ll have pesky weeds breaking though the turf, which is no fun for anyone.


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