New Turf In Cheshire

turf in CheshireAre you looking for turf in Cheshire? Do you require premium quality turf to re-lay the lawn in your garden, or are looking to patch bare areas on your lawn? A well maintained lawn is not only visually pleasing, it will also enhance the value of your property. Re-laying turf is not a complicated project, but if you require an expert finish, you will need to purchase good quality turf from a reputable supplier. Turf that has been grown from seed is preferable, and aim to purchase turf from a supplier that will harvest turf as required as opposed to stockpiling it.

In Cheshire, superb quality turf can be purchased from Websters Turf. The company owns their own farmlands where they harvest their own turf in an environmentally-friendly manner, allowing them to provide their clients with nothing less than the best turf. As the turf is grown on their farms, as well as using environmentally friendly rotation procedures, the turf grows well, with a mature root system. They are also able to provide you with turf rolls cut to your required size, allowing for easier laying of the turf, and providing a good return for your money.

Turf in Cheshire can be purchased from Websters Turf. The benefits of purchasing turf for the re-laying of your lawn are numerous, including an instantly good looking lawn. Prior to laying the turf, the area for the new lawn will need to be prepared. All old grass, weeds and stones should be removed. Once the rolls of turf have been laid, the new lawn will require frequent watering. This is why it is a wise idea to re-lay a lawn in the wetter seasons, and not during the summer months when it is hotter and drier. Ensure the installation of the new turf on the same day as delivery as it will root easier. Call Websters Turf today if you are looking for fresh, premium quality turf.

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