Topsoil in Lathom

Topsoil in LathomIt’s tempting for some to skip the topsoil in Lathom when installing new turf. It’s a little bit of extra expense and work. Maybe they don’t have a rototiller to work the topsoil into the ground. They have to hire one or work the soil by hand. The feeling is, grass just needs rain, soil and sunshine to grow. What you’re actually doing is sending your grass into battle without any weapons or food and expecting them to not just survive, but thrive. The ground is compacted the young roots can’t penetrate it to get the water and nutrition they need. A good hard rain and they lose their grip and float away. Young roots that make it through the compacted surface find layers of enemies below along with whatever food and water is available.

Waiting just underground for the young grass roots are grubs, Ants, Wireworms, Rootworms, Root Maggots, sod webworms and so many insects. In Lathom, topsoil from Websters Turf, has the essential nutrients to help young roots survive and thrive in a world where everybody wants to eat them. Cultivating our topsoil into the ground aerates the soil so water drains properly and oxygen is adequate. The rich loose dirt is easy for young roots to navigate without resistance. Once the turf is laid and growing, maintenance is needed to control the root damaging pests. However, without the proper groundwork before planting, the roots will die. Maybe not all at once, but you will see the patches failing here and there throughout your lawn.

Give your turf the right start with Websters topsoil in Lathom. We supply premium quality turf, topsoil and fertilizer for your successful lawn. Our best prices are available to individuals and landscaping professionals. If you need professional turf installers who know about proper ground preparation without shortcuts, ask us. We can recommend Barn Owl Garden Maintenance to do the job right. Contact Websters Turf when you need topsoil for lawn or garden. You can even order from our website and we’ll arrange delivery to your door. Use our calculator to determine the quantity you need. Our success is dependent on customer service and satisfaction.

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