Quality Turf in Rufford

Buy Turf in RuffordIf you are going to buy turf in Rufford, buy it from us and you won’t be disappointed. We only sell premium quality turf because that’s the only kind we grow. We’ve been doing that for over 20 years with no compromise because we know how to manage our land and rotate the fields. It’s like your vegetables. The quality and appearance of your vegetables depends on how nutrient dense the soil is that they were grown in. So, we don’t deplete our fields without giving them a chance to recover. If you don’t know where the turf you install originated from you can’t know if it’s healthy. You’ll know after a few months when the bare spots show up and the grass blades are thin, pale and weak. Nobody is going to be able to play football on that field more than once.

What we do is plant a premium blend of seed into our rich soil and make sure that during the growing season nutrients are added and Mother Nature adds the sunshine and rain. Then, in Rufford, buy turf that is thick and healthy; ready to sell to our residential and commercial customers and commercial landscapers. Measure up what you need and order it. We’ll give you our best price and you’ll get your money’s worth, we guarantee. Once you’ve ordered your turf, that’s when we cut it and not before. We don’t stockpile turf as some do. To do that deprives the turf of essentials for life and weakens the root system. It’s like asking it to hold its breath for a week. So get the ground ready whether it’s your garden, a sports field or commercial landscaping for an office complex. Then call us to place your order. We’ll cut it for you and deliver. 

Buy turf in Rufford grown in our famous Lancashire black soil. If needed, we can arrange for professional installation within a 25-mile radius of Southport and Ormskirk. We are proud that our one grade of high quality turf has led to our being the leading turf grower in the area. We don’t sell a lesser quality for less money. When you’re ready to buy turf, contact Websters Turf. You’re welcome to visit and see our operation and check out the quality of our products. We can supply your top soil and fertiliser as well.

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