Turf Suppliers in Rufford

Turf Suppliers in RuffordLook for the best turf suppliers in Rufford if you are considering laying a new lawn. You will not find higher quality turf or better prices than from us at Websters. Our grass is grown on rich dark soil which gives it a really good start. We fertilise and water the lawn until it has grown lush and the roots have formed a mat. By mowing it at the right time and keeping it at a good length we encourage strong healthy grown. Our turf is suitable for a wide range of applications including professional gardens, landscaping, sports grounds, golf courses and your garden. Only once you have placed your order and are ready for the delivery is your turf cut and rolled.

Spring is only a couple of months away and now is the time to plan the changes and improvements to your garden. In Rufford, turf suppliers like us make sure your turf is grown from specially selected seed and that the quality of our turf is superior to any other you can buy. Our grass is grown from seed and we make a point to keep our turf weed free. To prepare the ground for our turf is relatively easy, remove all growth from the area and dig in compost or fertiliser, keep the earth damp and keep the turf damp once it is laid. Do not walk on the freshly laid turf, use wooden boards as walkways to evenly distribute the weight. Try not to crush any of the turf for at least two to three weeks. With the proper care, it will quickly root and become the beautiful lush, green lawn you want.

If you’d like to use the services of the best turf suppliers in Rufford, why not pay us a visit? Contact Websters Turf today and discuss your needs with one of our experienced team. We have been growing turf for over 20 years for the domestic and commercial markets. Our farm is situated on the famous black soil of the Lancashire coast. We grow our turf on a crop rotation basis which makes it environmentally friendly. It also ensures that the turf is packed with micro-organisms and nutrition which help it to grow strong.

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