Turf Suppliers in Burscough

Turf Suppliers in BurscoughThe best part about buying from Websters Turf, the leading turf suppliers in Burscough, is quality and price. We know you figure the higher the quality the higher the price and usually that’s true and also reasonable. Here at Websters Turf, our quality is high but we’re able to keep our prices competitive because we supply a huge volume of turf every year to our loyal customers. Another factor keeping prices for the best quality turf competitive is buying direct from the farmer. At Websters Turf, you are buying direct without middlemen costs plus you get a fresher product. When you order turf from us for delivery or pick up, that’s when we cut it. We’ll even deliver kerbside to the job site.

We can help you calculate the amount of turf you’ll need for the job but you will have to supply the dimensions. In Burscough, turf suppliers at Websters Turf recommend you measure the area you want to cover with turf yourself, using a tape measure or better yet a measuring wheel. That will be an accurate measurement. If you take the dimensions from the land plot it may be off. A land mapping calculator is helpful because it measures and calculates for you. A 2’ X 5’ roll of sod will cover 10 square feet. You can call us for prices if you need to prepare an estimate for a customer.

As a landscaping contractor you need turf suppliers in Burscough that help make your jobs go smoothly. We do that by supplying one grade only and that is premium turf. You can successfully use it anywhere including a home garden, golf course or soccer field. Prepare the ground properly, lay the turf, add a little starter fertiliser and your turf is off to a successful start. Water and sunshine does the rest but you may have to supply the water. Young roots need daily light watering and mature roots need deep soaking watering once a week. Let the weather be your guide. Contact Websters Turf for answers to any questions about our quality turf, prices and care for newly laid sod. We have a lot of advice to offer and it’s all free.

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