Best Turf Prices in Rufford

Best Turf Prices in RuffordFor the best turf prices in Rufford, contact Websters Turf. What turf farm wouldn’t say that? Everybody says it but it’s only true if the whole story backs up the statement. There are people out there selling turf much cheaper than we sell ours. What those people aren’t mentioning is their cheap turf is half dead when you buy it. It probably won’t thrive and you will have spent money without getting the results you understood were promised. What just happened is you bought the most expensive turf because you have nothing to show for your expense.

The cheapest turf is the turf you only have to buy once to have your expectations met. In Rufford, best turf prices are reflected when the turf is the best quality. We have the leading edge of the market because our farm is located along the fertile Lancashire coast. Add to that black soil weed free premium seed suitable for gardens or sports fields. We spend a lot of TLC on our turf including environmentally friendly fertiliser. For twenty years we have operated this way. Our experience has earned us a leadership position in the supply of turf to domestic and landscaper customers. The turf you buy from us is never from a stockpile. We cut it when your order it and if you choose, we’ll deliver it to your door.

Our best turf prices in Rufford are better than most because you are getting a high quality product with attentive customer service at a competitive and fair price. You could pay the same price from another supplier and not get the high quality or the customer service. Contact Websters Turf or come out and talk to us. We offer free advice for the care and feeding of your turf year in and year out. The roots will go deep and strong so it comes back healthy year after year. If you are nearby, we have a team of installers that will put down a few inches of our premium topsoil and lay the turf for you. The best turf prices around are at Webster Turf because you get so much value for your money.

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