Buy Turf in Southport

Buy Turf in SouthportSpring is around the corner and it is time to buy turf in Southport. If you have areas of your lawn which have taken a beating over the winter then it is the right time to purchase our top quality turf to fill in the gaps on your beautiful lawn. Our turf is used in many places both domestic and commercial and graces sports grounds and golf courses as well as being used by professional landscape gardeners. Our environmentally friendly grown turf is fertilised and managed all year round on our crop rotation farmland. Only the best quality seed mix is used to produce the perfect turf.

To have a beautiful lawn in Southport, buy turf that has been grown with good quality grass seed and is freshly harvested for your order. To prepare your soil to take the new turf it should be dug over and fertilised and levelled. Uneven areas should be filled until the yard is as flat and even as possible. The turf should be laid like a carpet with no gaps on top of the well prepared soil. It should be watered and not walked on during laying or for a few weeks after to prevent crushing. Use wooden planks to stand on while laying and for walking on. This spread the weight and protects the new grass. When the grass has grown a light trim from the mower will encourage the roots and leaves to grow thicker and stronger.

We recommend you buy turf in Southport from a reputable company. Contact Websters Turf today and order your new lawn turf. We are the number one turf supplier in the area and have a proud tradition of supplying only the best grass grown on our black Lancashire soil. We have been growing high quality turf for over 20 years and supply the domestic and commercial markets. We are a family run business with family values and have demonstrated time and again why we have such an excellent reputation. We only harvest our turf on the day it is to be delivered so that the turf is fresh and strong.

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