Garden Turf in Southport

Garden Turf in SouthportWe offer only the best quality garden turf in Southport for both commercial and domestic properties.  When you lay turf it needs to be freshly lifted so that the grass has the best chance of rooting successfully.  We only lift turf when it has been ordered and is about to be delivered.  We use a mixture of high quality grass seed to ensure that the grass is strong and healthy and suited to our climate.  The rich soil of our turf farm has helped to make us the number one turf grower in the area.  For over 20 years we have dedicated ourselves to finding the best grasses that make a lovely soft, green lawn.  We also supply turf for sports fields and have even supplied the turf for Liverpool cathedral.

When you need to replace lawn in Southport, garden turf growers will supply the best grass available. Once the area that will receive the turf has been correctly prepared and well moistened and our wide and square rolls of turf have been laid you will need to care for the new grass. This is relatively easy.  Make sure the grass is well watered especially in the first few months. Try not to walk on the new turf too much for the first few weeks.  When the grass begins to grow give it a light trim with the mower blades set high.  This will encourage the grass to thicken and give you a lush, soft lawn.

The highest quality garden turf in Southport comes from our farm. Contact Websters Turf today and order your soft new lawn.  Our experienced staff can help with calculating the exact amount of turf you will need so that you do not over or under order. Look after your new turf and you will have a luxurious lawn. We supply environmentally friendly grown turf that is fertilised and managed all year round. We use crop rotation on our farm to ensure the soil for the turf is naturally kept full of vital nutrients and organisms which help the grass to flourish.

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