Buy Turf in Fulwood

Buy Turf in FulwoodBuy turf in Fulwood from Websters Turf once and with a little care you will never have to do it again.Some people lay new strips of turf every year. It stays green and beautiful for most of the summer months. By autumn it looks unhealthy and you can see the roll edges are dying, giving your lawn a striped effect. Next spring rolls around and you do the same thing all over again. That happens because you are buying sod with dried out roots that just barely take in enough nutrients to last the summer. Sunshine, water, weed and feed is not enough to perk up those half dead roots and cause them to bore deep into the soil. You know, grass is a perennial. It’s supposed to come back tougher and stronger year after year.

To be fair, your topsoil should be nutrient dense so the roots of the turf can sustain as they grow long and deeper into the ground. For residential and commercial landscapers in Fulwood, buy turf from Websters Turf. We don’t cut it until you order it. We do not stockpile rolls of sod as you see done in some garden centres. When Websters delivers your sod, the roots will be large and alive with rich black soil still clinging from which roots can draw nutrients until they get a strong hold in your soil. Come to our turf farm and see the difference. Watch as we cut our special wide strips of soil and you will see little resemblance to that rolled sod lying outside of the seasonal garden shop.

When you buy turf in Fulwood from Websters Turf Farm, you can expect to pay a little more than the retail shops. Don’t worry about that because you will be more than even by the second season and five years from now, you’ll be far ahead of that price game. You will have saved yourself some money on repeated installation too. Best of all, your lawn is looking great all year around, year after year.  Contact Websters Turf and give us your measurement needed for sod. We can probably quote you a price on the phone. Delivery is available if you choose and if you need someone to install it for you, we have good reliable people for that.

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