Buy Turf in Liverpool

Buy Turf in LiverpoolIn a city of over a half-million people where would you buy turf in Liverpool If you want the #1 voted finest turf you will drive about thirty minutes outside the city to Websters Turf. It’s worth the trip especially when compared to the dried up strips of turf sold in retail shops. You could water it all day every day and still not see signs of life. Start with the right turf and you will see the results you imagined; a beautiful healthy carpet of green with roots that go deep. That’s what you need if you want a green lawn that will last past the weekend and come back year after year. You will have a sturdy garden able to withstand children’s games and Mother Nature.

We are the number one turf supplier in the area because we grow to standards set down many years ago. In Liverpool, buy turf grown in soil rich and well supplied with nutrients like that found at Websters Turf. We don’t stock pile turf. Our turf is not cut until you order it. The roots are plentiful and fat with nutrients when you or your landscaper installs it in your garden. We supply many landscapers in the area so ask yours if turf being laid comes from our farm. We are glad to help out with advice as needed. Sometimes a garden area has become nutrient poor. Instead of planting your fresh cut sod as is, prepare the bed with a few inches of our top soil. It is easier for your turf to thrive in nutrient rich soil.

Websters Turf is a wonderful place to visit when you want to buy turf in Liverpool. You may not have a large garden but all gardens contribute to our well-being as humans. We like to watch it grow and many find therapeutic benefits to keeping it well groomed. For the greatest success start with the turf with the best chance to thrive. Contact Websters Turf and we’ll help you calculate the amount of turf needed for your garden. Our turf is easier to install because we cut wider strips that many find helpful. When you visit our turf farm, you will see the difference fresh cut from healthy soil makes and you will never settle for less.

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