Turf Suppliers in St Helens

Turf Suppliers in St HelensYou’re likely searching for turf suppliers in St Helens if you’re thinking about applying turf grass to your garden. Turf grass grows in the top layer of the earth’s surface. It has many proven benefits over artificial turf grass. For instance, turf grass is easy to landscape and often adds curb appeal which can augment the value of your home by up to 15%. Secondly, turf grass is an effective deterrent of pollution. It traps and removes the dirt and dust from the air. For example, turf grass is capable of absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, providing you with clean and breathable air. Turf grass is also considered as nature’s air conditioner. In the summer, it is capable of making the lawn up to 30 degrees cooler than bare soil and asphalt.  When you water turf grass, it absorbs every drop and provides sufficient cooling to reduce the fuel burned to operate an air conditioner. Turf grass is also a natural filter. When water and the pollutants within it pass through its root system, it is actually filtering it.

If you’re considering adding turf grass to your lawn and live in St Helens, turf suppliers can provide top quality turf for your garden. At Websters Turf, we’re serious about our grass.  Our company has been growing and supplying turf grass for over two decades. Grown on the rich black soil of Lancashire, we’ve developed a reputation for having one of the best turf grasses around. The secret to our success lies in the quality of grass seed that we use. Our turf is grown in an environmentally friendly manner and is managed throughout the year on our crop rotation farmland. Our turf has graced many golf courses, professional gardens, sports grounds and landscaping projects.

If you’re looking for high quality turf grass for your garden or lawn, contact the leading turf suppliers in St Helens. Turf is a good choice for both your home and the environment. Give us a call today and we’ll help you determine the exact amount of turf you’ll require to fill your lawn.

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