Quality Turf for Sale in Leeds

Quality Turf for Sale in LeedsSearch for quality turf for sale in Leeds if you want to have the best lawn in your area. We grow our own turf on our farm using the highest quality grass seed. Our soil is rich and dark and allows the roots of the new grass to grow thick and strong. We only sell high quality turf and do not have a “seconds” option. If it is not 100 % perfect we do not sell it. We are very proud to have our turf in Liverpool Cathedral gardens among other prestigious places including sports grounds and golf courses. Our turf is some of the most sort after for professional gardens and landscaping.

When your lawn needs replacing in Leeds, quality turf for sale from us is an excellent choice as we only supply top quality grass from our farm. Our environmentally friendly turf is fertilised regularly and carefully managed all year round on our crop rotation farmland. When you lay the turf remember to use wooden boards to walk on to distribute the weight. Keep off the grass for at least the first two weeks to give the grass a chance to settle without having the leaves or roots crushed. Keep it well watered and if it starts to get untidy give it a light trim. This should ensure that your new lawn grows thick and lush.  With continuous care you will have a beautiful lawn.

Look for quality turf for sale in Leeds to replace parts of your lawn that have become thin or have died. Contact Websters Turf today and our helpful and friendly staff will aid you in working out how much turf you need. We have been growing high quality turf for over 20 years and supply both the domestic and commercial markets.  We will only harvest the turf for orders and do not lift it until we are ready to deliver. This allows our turf to arrive fresh and green and damp so that it can be laid on the prepared surface immediately.

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