Garden Turf in Kirkham

Garden Turf in Kirkham Instant garden turf in Kirkham is a relief for those moving into a new property. Without turf, mud and stones can be trampled over new carpets and tiles, so the quicker the turf is laid the better. Laying turf isn’t simply a case of putting down the turf and expecting it to grow. The ground first has to be carefully prepared and then afterwards the grass will still need to be cared for, watered and fertilized for it to maintain its thick, lush looks. At Websters Turf, we are your number one turf supplier in the area. If you’re looking for healthy turf which has been grown to the highest standards, you won’t get any better than our popular, sought after turf which is conveniently delivered right to your door.

Our customers receive superior quality turf, but always at the most reasonable prices. In Kirkham, garden turf from us certainly ticks all the right boxes. At Websters Turf we can lay our turf at any time of the year except when there is heavy rain or snow. However, Spring is always a good time because then the grass will root nicely so that it gets a good start. We always clear debris, weeds, large stones and roots and level the surface. Before laying our excellent turf, we add in good fertilizer to the soil to ensure that your new turf will have nutrition to start growing. Our turf has been grown on the wonderful black soil of the Lancashire coast, and as a family run business we ensure our turf is suitable for a wide range of sectors – from domestic gardens to businesses and sports grounds.

Our garden turf in Kirkham is always environmentally friendly and fertlised regularly, as well as being managed all year round on our ‘crop rotation’ farmland. If you are looking for premium grade garden turf, contact Websters Turf. When it comes to ensuring a beautiful, strong lawn, it pays to go with people like us who have been in the business long enough to know what our customers expect in terms of premium grown turf.

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