Quality Lawn Turf in Rufford

Quality Lawn Turf in RuffordQuality lawn turf in Rufford is available to order from our store.  We make sure that we use a mixture of quality grass seed to establish the lawn.  Our famous Lancashire black soil is incredibly fertile and perfect for growing turf.  Once the roots have matted and the grass has been mowed, the turf is ready to lift.  We only lift the turf to order.  Our machines cut underneath the roots and roll the turf into manageable lengths.  This is carefully packed onto the delivery vehicle for transportation to your home or business. You need to correctly prepare the ground that the turf is to sit on by enriching it with compost or fertiliser and digging it in.  Rake it smooth removing any stones or pebbles and water it thoroughly.

If you need to lay new grass in Rufford, quality lawn turf is available from our farm. Once we have delivered it to you it needs to be laid as quickly as possible.  The sooner the roots spread into the soil the healthier the grass will be.  Lay our top quality turf on your prepared bed and water thoroughly.  Try to keep off the grass for a few weeks to allow it to establish itself. If necessary you may give it a light trim after a couple of weeks but keep the mower blades high. Your new lawn will be the backdrop to all the other plants in your garden.

Quality lawn turf in Rufford will give your lawn the best chance to grow strong. Contact Websters Turf today and place your order for quality lawn turf.  Our tuft is grown on our farm and carefully tended by our expert turf growers.  The grass is fertilised and mowed until it has rooted properly and is established. If for some reason a field is not doing as well as expected we will start again.  We do not sell less than perfect turf. Our product is a byword for perfect lawn and is used on sports grounds. It was also used to create the Liverpool Cathedral lawns.

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