Garden Turf for Sale in Rufford

Garden Turf for Sale in RuffordGarden turf for sale in Rufford will change the way you look at your lawn. You first need to prepare the area that will receive the new turf.  Make sure the area has been well cleaned of any old grass and weeds.  Spring is a good time to lay turf as there is very little mowing needed and this gives the turf time to establish itself. It can be left undisturbed for several weeks.  Remember that newly laid turf is delicate until it roots itself and starts to grow.  Your new turf is delivered with a layer of excellent top soil to give it the base on which to grow strong.  It will need plenty of water initially and can be laid on damp soil to encourage the roots to penetrate the ground to anchor itself.

If you are putting in a new garden in Rufford, garden turf for sale will provide you with top quality lawn. To help your new turf survive and flourish you can spread fertiliser into the prepared ground and rake it in then water it well.  Try and keep off the newly laid turf for a few weeks until it has had time to settle.  Walking on it may damage some of the delicate roots and leaves. If the weather is mild the grass may begin to grow and need a trim. For the first few trimmings keep the mower blades high.  This will just take the top of the grass off and encourage it to thicken.

Garden turf for sale in Rufford is affordable.  Contact Websters Turf today and order your new turf.  We can supply small quantities for patches of new lawn or we can supply a large quantity for your entire garden.  We have a turf calculator that allows you to order the right amount of turf for your unique needs. We only supply the best quality turf which has been grown on our farm.  We do not offer discounted price for inferior quality lawn.  If it is not top quality we do not supply it. The turf is lifted and supplied the same day to your door.

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