Turf for Sale in Shirdley Hill

Turf for Sale in Shirdley HillTurf for sale in Shirdley Hill is grown by experts who have been farming turf for over twenty years. The many years of experience have led to high-quality turf. We choose our seed with great care and ensure that the turf is fertilised and watered, and then carefully trimmed to reach a perfect combination of root and leaf before we consider it ready for lifting. Our turf is highly sought after by schools, sports clubs and golf courses as well as homeowners. This is because we make sure that the grass is settled and growing well before we cut the turf. The rolls are only lifted just before delivery and carefully handled to avoid soil loss and damage to the roots and leaves. The turf is well moistened so that you receive healthy damp grass that is ready to be laid.

When you need top quality lawn in Shirdley Hill, turf for sale will meet all your expectations. All you need to do is make sure that the area to be covered has been properly prepared and once the turf is laid give it a good watering. This will allow the roots to bed in the new soil and create a thick mat. This is what makes a beautiful and successful lawn. The thicker and more vigorous the growth, the less space for weeds to grow. Try and keep off the new grass for the first few weeks while the roots are taking hold. Most importantly make sure it gets enough water. When the leaves have grown a little and it needs mowing just give it a light trim on a high setting. This will encourage further growth of roots and leaves.

Turf for sale in Shirdley Hill is of the highest quality. Contact Websters Turf today if you are looking for turf for sale and receive a free quotation. Our friendly and helpful staff can help you calculate the number of rolls needed for your specific project.

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