Turf for Sale in Shirdley Hill

Turf for Sale in Shirdley HillSearch for top quality turf for sale in Shirdley Hill for a beautiful lawn. If your lawn is looking sad and bare it is probably time to replace it with a good quality turf. Our turf is acknowledged as one of the best available. It is also perfect for a new lawn where you need a high quality grass that has been grown in good soil. Healthy grass is the only way to have a beautiful lawn. Our grass is grown in an environmentally sound way and we practice crop rotation to ensure that the grass is full of nutrients when we deliver it. We only dig up the turf just before delivery to ensure it is fresh.

If you need quality grass for your lawn in Shirdley Hill, turf for sale from a reputable supplier is the best choice to make. Factories, sports grounds and schools all use our turf and we have even supplied Liverpool Cathedral with their beautiful lawn. The best time to lay turf is now. It is best put in from autumn until the middle of winter. This gives it time to settle before spring when the growing season really starts. There are a few rules to remember with freshly laid turf. Try not to walk on the new grass too much initially until it has rooted properly and make sure it gets adequate water. If the winter is mild it may need a light trim. Keep it fairly short in the early stages as this will help it to put all the growth into the roots. This will also help the grass become denser and develop a lovely thick mat.

Turf for sale in Shirdley Hill is affordable and come summer you will have a perfect lawn. Contact Websters Turf today to find out about our turf for sale. Let us help you work out how much turf you will need. With 20 years of experience, we know our turf and will make sure you get the best advice for your new lawn.

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