Turf Prices in Rainford

Turf Prices in RainfordWhen checking turf prices in Rainford have you ever seen those dried up looking rolls of turf at the local garden centre? It is as if people do not know that turf is alive and has to have access to soil nutrients and water like any other living thing. It is not carpeting for your lawn. However, if you buy it at the right place it will look like carpeting for your lawn once installed. They do it right at Websters Turf. They are the number one turf grower in the area and the reason is clear. They start with rich black soil, plant a mix of premium seed and fertilise regularly. They cut wide easy to lay strips of sod when it is ordered. They never stockpile sod because the roots die.

In Rainford, turf prices for those rolls at the garden shop seem cheap. However, they are actually the most expensive you can buy. The reason for that is they are only going to last a few weeks. You can roll them out and soak them down and they may green up for a bit. However, it won’t be long until the edges turn brown and your lawn looks more like tile than carpet. The poor dried up roots just never had a chance. It’s like cutting a wild flower and potting it, expecting it to grow without roots.

Turf prices in Rainford at Websters Turf are kept reasonable because their family has been growing turf for over 20 years. They have developed the right formula to grow strong turf and they protect their fields by rotating each year. They operate an efficient streamlined business and have built a solid base of satisfied customers, both domestic and commercial. Superior product and knowledgeable landscapers are the right combination for a beautiful lawn. With a little maintenance, it will last for years to come. That makes Websters Turf an enduring bargain. For more information about turf prices, contact Websters Turf.

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