Turf Supplier in Rainford

Turf Supplier in RainfordIf you’re looking for a high quality turf supplier in Rainford, stop right here. For generations our family have been farming premium quality turf as part of an eco friendly rotation policy that guarantees completely mature root systems. For over 50 years we have built up an outstanding reputation for producing the very best fresh turf. The turf we produce has specifically developed characteristics to suit most if not all grass surfaces and various other applications. When it comes to quality and price, the success of our business is measured by customers choosing to purchase our turf which totally exceeds their expectations. We provide turf to both the domestic and commercial markets.

In Rainford, turf suppliers grow turf on free draining first grade soils which allows us to harvest all year round. The turf is irrigated in summer, which means you get healthy green turf even during dry months. No matter what your turf requirements are, from small gardens to golf greens, we are here to help. We are associated with Barn Owl Garden Maintenance, the right people to use for laying turf professionally. Once your lawn has been laid it requires aftercare that includes avoiding walking on the new lawn for around 2 weeks while the turf roots establish themselves. For the first two weeks water your new grass thoroughly on a daily basis, and if there any gaps, fill them by sprinkling coarse sand or soils which will prevent shrinkage.

Turf suppliers in Rainford supply a wide range of the finest quality turf that is suitable for a variety of uses. Throughout the year our turf is treated and fertilised before it reaches our standard of quality and root depth, which is extremely important for producing top quality turf. Our growing procedure of turf grasses is carefully planned with the knowledge and understanding of environment and soil conditions as well as cultural requirements. We are your one stop turf supplier for all your lawn needs, lawn care and advice. Feel free to browse our website and if you require assistance, our friendly team is on hand to help you. Contact Webster’s Turf on for more on turf suppliers.

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