Do You Require a Turf And Soil Supplier in Charnock Richard?

Turf And Soil Supplier in Charnock Richard?Are you looking for a quality turf and soil supplier in Charnock Richard? The topic of laying turf is confusing and daunting to most homeowners. Most people only pay attention to their lawns when they realise that it needs to be mowed or if there are noticeable patches of yellow or white on the lawn. Typically, when the latter scenario occurs, many run to their nearest nursery or home gardening center and seek out assistance. In any case, the likely remedy is that new turf and soil needs to be laid.

In Charnock Richard, a leading turf and soil supplier is Websters Turf. This turf company receives many queries from customers such as when is the best time to lay turf, what happens during colder months, how long after laying turf can one walk on it and when can they mow the lawn? According to the experts at Websters Turf, turf may be laid during any time. Summer and spring months are best for turf laying because it allows the turf to establish quickly. It is also easier for the team to prepare the ground before laying the turf. Watering will be required for establishment. The benefit of laying turf in the colder months is that watering is not required. One important note to remember is that grass growth is arrested during the cold season. This means no nutrients will be absorbed by grasses, which will make it vulnerable to various fungal and disease conditions. These diseases are natural consequences and can lead to patchiness. Lawn care during the cold season is very important.

A turf and soil supplier in Charnock Richard can supply premium grade turf. Websters Turf recommends that at least 4 inches of topsoil and sub soil be present in order for the turf to establish an adequate root system. The soil should also be able to drain. After laying the lawn, wait for at least 3 weeks before walking on it. During this time, turf will grow up to 50 mm, making it ideal for mowing. If you require the services of an expert turf and soil supplier, contact Websters Turf.

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