Go Green With a Turf Supplier in Euxton

Turf Supplier in EuxtonOur family run business has been a major turf supplier in Euxton and surrounding areas for generations. Our premium grown quality turf is part of an environmentally friendly rotation policy which guarantees customers a fully mature root system that in turn provides one of the finest quality turfs at a well affordable price. No matter what your turf requirements are, we at Websters Turf can provide turf for small gardens through to football pitches. We are well known for supplying premium quality turf and we do not supply re-brand or low grade turf that is not in line with our high standards. Our turf is freshly harvested and delivered from the farm to your door in top condition.

In Euxton, turf supplier such as ourselves do not stock pile turf. As opposed to most suppliers, our turf rolls are squarer and wider which makes laying the turf a lot easier. We are also proud associates of Barn Owl Garden Maintenance who are the people to use to lay your turf professionally. Added to that we are proud associates of Green Ladder Landscapes which can help you produce plans, photo realistic images and elevations of how your new garden design will feel and look. We also provide an easy to use turf calculator on our website that will help you estimate the exact amount of turf needed. Just enter the dimensions you want turfed as well as the units, if you require fertilizers and your post code.

Ordering top quality turf from a turf supplier in Euxton allows you to enjoy a lawn of maturity and beauty without the hassle and time consuming problems of seeding. Growing turf is far more technical that one thinks and adding excessive amounts of chemicals is not part of our eco program. However, in order for your lawn to grown to its full potential, the lawn will require a certain amount of maintenance and care. Never over feed your turf with nutrients as you strain the roots which will cause them to die. Under feeding the roots deprives them of essential vitamins which will cause the grass to turn yellow and die off. For further information contact us at Websters Turf.

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